Body Wash

Want a flawless, beautiful and gorgeous skin naturally? You have come to the right platform. Check out these excellent quality body washes that are herbal and well known in the market for their mild and refreshing fragrances. The offered Forest Berries Body Wash will deep cleanse the body and make your skin look softer and supple. These help in exfoliating dead skin and also make the skin look brighter and whiter. These contain antioxidants and antibacterial properties that help in healing the skin and give natural glow to it. The offered French green clay body wash will give rid off from dull, oily and dead skin.

Forest Berries Body Wash

Forest Berries Body Wash presented by us has deep cleansing and properties. It exfoliates dead skin cells, and is the best suitable for all skin tones & types. Made of mature & fresh forest berries extracts, it is extensively demanded by people who want an active lifestyle and call for a dose of healthful refreshment to kick off their day. Enriched with antioxidants and anti-bacterial, Forest Berries Body Wash is free from adulteration & additives, and is available in sealed pump type cap bottle packaging.

French Green Clay Body Wash

French Green Clay Body Wash we bring forth is the best solution for dull skin, oily skin & dead skin. The following cosmetic product soaks oils, toxins, dirt, and various other impurities from the skin so as to reveal soft, clean, and refreshing skin. It nourishes dull skin, treats oily skin, and unclogs pores. Made of 100% natural french green clay and essential oils, the French Green Clay Body Wash is unadulterated, and has pleasant fragrance, which stays for a day long.